Thursday, May 31, 2007

Trip Planning Continues

"My favorite thing is to go where I have never gone." ~Diane Arbus

I have still white-out on my left index knuckle from yesterday. It doesn't wash off fast. Planning four months on a day-by-day basis doesn't happen fast either. I've got a basic plan started and it brings me out to July 23. There are certain appointments and time constraints I have for the first half of this trip, so I had to plan that much. Plus, I have to tell people when I plan to visit them - so I'd better know when it is! If they're off on their own vacation, I'll have to reroute.

So far, the schedule looks like this. It is still a work in progress because I'll need to get confirmations from people. Some people don't even know I'm coming yet, so this schedule is sort of my "wish list."

Mon June 4 - Start trip: Drive to Bend, OR
Tue June 5 - Brew at Deschutes and visit Bend Brewing.
Wed June 6 - Drive to Chico, CA
Thur June 7 - Attend MBAA District Northern California June Technical Meeting.
Fri June 8 - Brew at Sierra Nevada
Sat June 9 - Drive to Berkeley, CA. From 1:30 pm till 4:30 pm - sit at Triple Rock Brewing Co. and enjoy the beer and any Bay Area brewer friends who visit me there.
Sun June 10 - Visit old friends in San Leandro and Foster City, CA.
Mon June 11 - Hang out with Celebrator Beer News staff.
Tues June 12 - Drive to Gilroy (visit Farmhouse/Coast Range) then to Paso Robles.
Wed June 13 - Brew at Firestone-Walker Brewing Co.
Thur June 14 - Drive to San Marcos, CA
Fri June 15 & Sat June 16 - Brew at Stone and at Port Brewing Companies.
Sun June 17 - Drive to Tempe, AZ.
Mon June 18 - Brew at Four Peaks Brewing Co.
Tues June 19 - Drive to Sedona, AZ. Visit Oak Creek Brewing Co.
Wed June 20 - Drive to Durango, CO.
Thur June 21 - Brew at SKA Brewing Co.
Fri June 22 - Drive to Colorado Springs and visit family.
Sat June 23 - Drive to Denver, CO.
Sun June 24 - Visit family in Denver. Husband Jon Graber joins me.
Mon June 25 - Visit breweries in Boulder (Avery), Longmont (Left Hand), and Lyons (Oskar Blues). Stay with friends in Estes Park.
Tues June 26 - Visit Odell and Coopersmith Breweries in Fort Collins.
Wed June 27 - Brew at New Belgium Brewing Co.
Thur June 28 - Drive to Crazy Horse, Mt Rushmore, and Rapid City, SD. Visit Firehouse Brewing.
Fri June 29 - Drive to Sioux Falls, SD. Visit Granite City Food & Brewery.
Sat June 30 - Drive to Minneapolis/St. Paul. Visit Herkimer and Summit breweries. Then drive to Chippewa Falls, WI.
Sun July 1 - Drive to Munising, MI.
July 2-6 - Visit family in Munising.
Sat July 7 - Drive to West Bend, WI.
Sun July 8 - Husband Jon flies home to Eugene.
July 8-14 - Visit family in West Bend.
Sun July 15 - Drive to Mundelein, IL and visit family.
Mon July 16 - Drive to Sleepy Hollow, IL and visit college roommate.
Tues July 17 - Drag college buddy to Siebel Institute, and Chicago-area breweries.
Wed July 18 - Drive to Flossmoor, then see more Chicago-area breweries.
Thur July 19 - Brew at Flossmoor Station Brewery.
Fri July 20 - Drive to New Holland, MI.
Sat July 21 - Brew at New Holland Brewing Co.
Sun July 22 - Drive to Kalamazoo.
Mon July 23 - Brew at Bell's Brewing Co.
Tues July 24 - Drive to... ?


beerinator said...

Holy Crap! That is one heck of a trip you have planned there!

Give me a shout if you need help with planning in the Chicago/Midwest area!

John said...


If you have the time and inclination, visit either Cosanti (in Scotsdale) or Arcosanti (on the interstate between Phoenix and Flagstaff. Arcosanti is a prototype arcology started in 1970.

Have fun; drive safe.

- John

Steven said...

Teri, What are your big plans while in Northern Illinois? You ought to stop in at Flatlander's in Lincolnshire to visit with brewmaster Art Steinhoff.

I wish I could meet up to buy you a beer at Flatlander's or Mickey Finn's, but I have some personal events happening during that week of July that will interfere with any free time.

Drive safe, I'll look for the trailer on the road!