Monday, June 25, 2007

Denver, Colorado

"I myself have been tempted for a long time by the cloud-moving wind – filled with a strong desire to wander." ~Matsuo Bashō

June 24: Jon and I spent a wonderful Sunday with my sister Heidi and her family. (Photo above: Top row: Jon and Jan; Bottom row: Teri, Jake, Max and Heidi.)

We did lots of mundane stuff like laundry, and making the trailer's table and benches into a queen-size bed (I've been sleeping up on the bunk), and checking the fluid levels on the van. Here's the total gas expense and mileage for my trip through Denver:

Miles Driven (so far): 2,812
Gas Purchased (so far): $790.18

The best part of the day was playing with my nephews, Jake (almost 8) and Max (6). We played Blink, Set, Loot, The Very Clever Pipe Game, Hang Man and Cathedral. We also drew pictures with watercolor pencils, and tried to grow yellow crystals with a science kit.

Heidi made a delicious salmon and tilapia dinner, and I read the boys a book on Black Holes before bed. And that was our day.

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