Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Route To Maine

"Vacations shake up our blunted senses and freshen our dulled lives." ~Robert W. Harris

Above is a rough approximation of the first half of my trip - the route from Oregon to Maine. I don't know what the return trip will look like yet. If there's a job I need to start, it could be a fairly straight line across the top of the country. If it's autumn and the weather is getting cold, I may head for a southerly route and aim for Denver to judge the GABF October 8-13.

Yesterday I went through all the emails I received when I emailed the BA Forum back in March and asked - who wants me to visit them on my journey? I copied everybody’s info (or as much as I was given in the emails) onto 3 x 5 cards. That’s a handy trick so that I can rearrange the cards as I rearrange my route. I ended up with 67 brewer or brewery industry 3 x 5 cards. Very cool! That doesn’t even count the close relatives’ 3 x 5 cards that I’ll be writing up tomorrow.

I’ll fit as many brewers and breweries into my trip as I can. It all depends when the gas money runs out. If you need my brewery consulting services while I am on the road, let me know as I’m available.

Wondering how high the price of gas will go this summer? It's already at $3.44 per gallon this week in California, so I'll use $4.00/gallon as my estimate for this trip. You can keep your eye on gas prices at the Energy Information Administration website.

If you cook or buy me lunch or dinner when I visit you, you’ll earn my everlasting gratitude and save me from the drudgery of another peanutbutter & jelly sandwich. Plus I'll put a plug on this blog about you. Any savings you help me incur may enable me to extend my trip and visit more breweries!

It's a sunny 75o in Eugene today, and heading into the 80's next week. Even with the windows open it feels hot and stuffy in the house. There's nothing like planning a trip inside on a hot summery day to make me want to get on the road!

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Brewer Kev W - BBC said...

Teri, I see you are headed to Maine. You might check out Stone Coast, Portland, Maine, Tel: 207-318-0751 and see if Brewer Kev W. is there. He used to brew with Hales in Seattle and Far West in Redmond and went to Maine about a year ago. If you see him, tell him "Hey" from another Brewer Kev W. ;-)