Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Trip Update and Statistics.

Photo above is of the collection of rubber boots just inside the brewhouse door at the Liquid Bread Brewing Company in Hays, Kansas.

I am typing and counting up trip facts and statistics as my husband Jon pilots the van west across Kansas.

As of this point in the trip, I’ve handed out over 800 “Road Brewer” business cards to folks I’ve met along the way. I reordered business cards along the route twice, and just broke into my new box of 500 cards. Who’d have guessed the interest in my road trip (the Road Brewer project) would be so high?

Departure was June 4, 2007. Arrival home will be October 20th, for a total of 139 days (4 months and 19 days). I had planned to stretch out the post-GABF portion of my trip into early November. However with Jon’s new job, we need to pack up the house and move to Portland, Oregon. Plus I miss home, need to find a job, and write the book!

So therefore I shortened my route from Denver to go through Utah and Idaho before getting home to Oregon, arriving home less than a week after I leave the Great American Beer Festival in Denver.

As of October 20th, the official “end” of the trip, I will have visited a total of 71 breweries. I will have “brewed at” or job-shadowed at 38 breweries, plus had shorter visits to 33 more breweries.

Now, lest you fret that the adventure and the blog will end on October 20th, please be assured that the Road Brewer project will continue! I plan to continue to visit and brew with breweries in Oregon and Washington, and already have invitations from several.

Even after I am employed full time, I plan to keep the project going. It would be fun to expand it to radio and television (the Food Network?). Who knows what the future may bring.

You can express your support for the Road Brewer project by signing up for my e-newsletter at this link. Newsletters will arrive sporadically at first, but eventually may be sent 4 to 6 times per year. The opt-out link is at the bottom of every e-newsletter. Thanks!

Here are the trip facts and statistics as of September 28, 2007:

Miles driven: 10,116
Gallons of gasoline: 1,216.077
Gas expense: $3,124.38
Other auto/trailer expense: $800.86

2.6 miles per gas & auto expense dollar
8.3 miles per gallon

Total Breweries: 64 (As of September 28th) 33 Breweries brewed with and 31 Breweries visited only.

For the following calculations I used the “64 Total Breweries” figure:

Miles per brewery: 158.1 miles
Gallons per brewery: 19.001 gallons
Dollars per brewery: $48.82 for gas only

If I use just the 33 breweries where I brewed all day… my husband doesn’t want to know these numbers!:

Miles per brewery: 306.5 miles
Gallons per brewery: 36.851 gallons
Dollars per brewery: $94.68

I did not record all gas prices, but I believe my highest gas was $3.799, and my lowest gas was $2.599 per gallon. Please see the homepage of my website at for a full list breakdown of the above expenses.

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