Saturday, September 1, 2007

News From The Home Front

September 1, 1:00pm - I interrupt the chronological nature of this blog to give you the news. (FYI: I am in Hyannis on Cape Cod in Massachusetts and will depart shortly for Sandy Hook, Connecticut.)

A few things have happened behind the scenes on my road trip. One, is that we had a fantastic Lunar Eclipse last week. This photo was taken by a friend of mine in Eugene. The west coast had the best view of this eclipse. My writerly friend (and fellow Wordo) Jerry Oltion is a professional science fiction writer and amateur astronomist. He took this photo without a filter, so the moon really did glow blood red (or orange).

Additional news from the home front is that my Aunt Bonnie, who I visited on June 22, passed away suddenly of pancreatic cancer. She wasn't feeling well when I saw her, and was diagnosed within a week of my visit. Here is my post from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Aunt Bonnie is in the middle of the two photos. My mom is handling it the best she can, but she is now the sole remaining sibling out of her family of five siblings.

Finally, my husband Jon Graber had to make a career decision this week, and chose to change jobs to a new employer. He will begin his new job as Operations Manager for BrewCraft USA in Portland, Oregon on September 10th. That means as soon as I get home we will be hunting for a place to live in Portland, and my job search is now focused on that city. Luckily for me, Portland has more breweries than any other city in the world. Anybody have any leads on a brewing job in Portland that would start in November?

Thank you to Cape Cod Beer for letting me use their Internet connection to update my blog.

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