Thursday, June 14, 2007

Give me your tired, your beer-stone encrusted, your cracked and warped…

“You can't choose the ways in which you'll be tested.” ~Robert J. Sawyer

I’m looking for class props: I will be teaching a class at the American Brewers Guild when I get to Vermont. My class will be on practical brewing, and will partially focus on equipment maintenance and replacement for the small brewery. If you are about to replace or throw out a busted or worn part that I can use as a visual, please save it for me. I will pick it up when I visit you. (Scroll down for schedule through July 14.)

No breweries will be mentioned by name in my class, as everybody replaces, cleans, fixes, or tosses out stuff like these examples. We wouldn’t want any students getting a wrong view of a good brewery that is taking care of things properly (and giving these nice cast-offs to me).

Not all props have to be ugly or broken. The pipette filler is perfectly functional. I just need visuals to demonstrate good brewing and good lab practices.

Please keep your lab samples and filled petri dishes: nothing growing or alive please. My sample of enterobacter bacteria already exploded, as my trailer’s fridge doesn’t cool properly. Thanks.

Can you identify the nifty props that I’ve picked up on my trip so far? (photo above):

Sankey keg stem covered with beer-stone
Stainless reducer with non-sanitary welds
Lab pipette filler
Worn butterfly valve gasket
Corroded pump seal
Gauge that displays a false pressure reading
Worn sanitizing brush
Cracking and dirty CO2 hose

Anything visual that demonstrates a point would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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