Thursday, March 1, 2007

Brewers Are The Nicest People

"There is no beginning, no ending, only the infinite passion for life." ~Frederico Fellini

Besides wanting to brew-on and see lots of different brewing systems and to visit my brewing friends, I am looking forward to making many new brewing friends on this trip. It looks like I’ll have ample opportunity as lots of brewers or brewing industry contacts have invited me brew and/or visit.

I’ll probably start planning my trip in April or May. I haven’t been unemployed since 1989, so I don’t remember what it’s like to not have a schedule.

Well, I do have some minor plans during the first two weeks:

1.) Attend the Washington Brewers Guild cask festival, and
2.) Brew with Jess Caudill and Greg Doss, the brewer/microbiologists at Wyeast Laboratories where Jon works.

Please check back here for photos of both these events.

Cheers, Teri

P.S. This glamour shot was taken at Steelhead's Burlingame location in January 1995, while the new tanks were being installed. The photo was published in the short-lived glossy magazine, "Juice," and was taken by Kent Marshall Photography of San Francisco.

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