Saturday, July 29, 2023

Creativity Takes Courage

"Creativity takes courage." ~Henri Matisse

Update, many years later...

After 34 years as a Brewmaster and beer professional, I have moved on and opened my art business, Rain Dragon Studio. This is a photo of my booth. I am a ceramic artist, moving more and more into figurative sculpture, none of which is shown in this photo, LOL.

I am still involved in the beer and fermented beverages industries through periodic professional beer judging, and as the Founder, Past President, and current PIF (Pay It Forward) Coach of Pink Boots Society. PBS was born during my 2007 Road Brewer roadtrip, described live and in detail below, and on the previous pages.

I wish you all a life as wonderful and adventurous as mine! Feel free to write me, my email address is still live: Peace out!